The Treatment Process

The treatment process contemplates that your body is constantly changing and transitioning as it adapts to stresses, strains, malfunctions, malnutrition and whole body pollution.  If you are unsure about this process, check your children or grandchildren that swing on playground bars/monkey bars.  The palms of their hands have become calloused as a byproduct of adapting to the stresses and strains of friction of their hands on the monkey bars.  Or, try wearing no shoes for a while and see how quickly the bottoms of your feet become calloused as a way of adapting to the stresses and strains of rough surfaces.  Or, try following the beer and Twinkie diet for 30 days and find out firsthand how your health will fail, your energy levels go down, your sleep will be disturbed and aches and pains in your body will begin to increase in intensity and severity.

So, if you were a pediatrician and saw two infants, one who it had pneumonia for two days, the other good had pneumonia for two weeks, who do you think will have the better outcome?  Who do you think will have the least residuals or side effects or long-term consequences?  Who do you think is most likely to respond to antibiotics?

What happens if they start to antibiotics and then just give up after a couple of days?  What happens if, instead of giving antibiotics twice a day they decide that once a day is probably sufficient?  What happens, if they decide that they will start the antibiotics several days after they’ve been prescribed?.

Do you think that the right treatment started at the right time, at the right frequency and for the right duration is going to have the same results as treatment which is delayed, at the wrong frequency and for the wrong duration?

You think that if they just miss a day or two in the process of treatment that if they start again everything should be perfectly fine?

If the wrong treatment is given, what will be the result?

The success of treatment depends on the right treatment procedures being utilized at the right frequency over a duration which is appropriate to the needs of the patient.  Even when everything seems right there is no guarantee that a patient’s body will actually respond to the treatment procedures rendered.  The treatment process is a stimulus response process.  The treatment stimulates or attempts to evoke a response from the body and the body should respond in a predictable manner.  Somebody’s do not respond in a predictable manner and other bodies do not respond at all, the success or failure of treatment depends on the ability of the patient’s body to respond.

Regrettably, patients often feel that if they miss a day of treatment that if they come in the following day or couple days later then it will be exactly the same as if they had the treatment according to the schedule prescribed by the treatment plan.  Unfortunately this is not true.  The interval of time between doses or in the case of office-based treatment or home-based therapeutic exercises is a critical component of the success of treatment.  Having treatment one time per week does not induce the same effect as having treatment three times a week or five times a week or whatever the prescribed treatment frequency is.

Regrettably, patients with musculoskeletal disorders often fall prey to the process of accommodation, they’ve had the problem long enough that their body is just accommodated to being in a malfunctioning abnormal state.  I call this the “Shrek syndrome”.  If you live by a swamp long enough you will accommodate to the horrendous smell.  If you move two blocks away from the swamp this doesn’t mean that the swamp has stopped stinking, it’s just that you’re far enough away from the source that it seems like everything must be okay.

Objective evaluation of your clinical condition is necessary to make sure that you are not a victim of the “Shrek syndrome” there are plenty of patients to feel that after the initial severe pain component of the problem has been alleviated to some extent that he must be in the clear and that the treatment process is not necessary or is only necessary at a much reduced rate.  The goal of treatment is to get your body to become or as close to normal as possible and be able to sustain itself at that level.

Keep in mind that most patients that are seen in the chiropractic office have suffered with mechanical disorders of the spine or other body joints for a long period of time, most of the time hoping that somehow their body is going to miraculously revert to normal.  As a result, more intensive treatment procedures for longer period of time necessary to develop a momentum of improvement so that your body can be coaxed into a progressively more normal functional state.  Often times in addition to the mechanical treatment procedures and home-based therapeutic exercises nutritional supplements and or eating/diet modifications will be necessary in order to stimulate a good healing response.  It is boring, discouraging and costly to not do everything necessary so as to maximize your body’s healing response and recovery.

The office-based treatment procedures have been prescribed at a frequency and duration commensurate with the nature and severity of your problem.  Often times the most critical part of the treatment process is to prevent your problem into turning into something significantly worse.  In support of these office-based treatment procedures therapeutic exercises will in most circumstances be prescribed so as to assist the process of your recovery.  Regrettably, many patients never do therapeutic exercises or use them only sporadically or haphazardly.  Unfortunately, I can’t care about your future and your future well-being and functional capacities more than you do for your own self.  Additionally, many patients arrive at this office in a seriously polluted state, with serious obesity or serious malnutrition.  Most have no idea that they are seriously malnourished or seriously polluted.  The first step in understanding your status from a nutritional standpoint is the calf test for microcirculation assessment and assessing your salary pH.

The goal of the process of treatment is to maximize your health and your future.

Make sure that you obtain the maximum benefit possible, your children and your grandchildren will thank you for all of your efforts when you are an active and cognitively capable old man or old woman.

Chiropractic Works!!!!!

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